[zeromq-dev] zyre and upw/limited platform

brunobodin . brunobodin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 09:59:27 CET 2017


I would like to leverage zyre in my application, but some nodes of the
application will have to run on uwp platform :-( (not my choice)

>From my first tests I am able to build and run zmq, and czmq on uwp
plaform, using slighly modified
dll, see  https://github.com/bbdb68/czmq/tree/uwp and
but it seems (even if winsock is said to run on uwp platform...) that I
cannot bind sockets.
Zyre builds nicely on uwp.

For now this is not an issue in my design, since only the client nodes are
supposed to run on the uwp node.

Regarding zyre, I made some experimentation and :
* discovery step can work thanks to the gossip mode. UDP mode fails
* but communication fails, most probably because the node's router socket
cannot bind.

So my question is : do you think it is possible to design a "limited" zyre
node that could run on such a platform, without performing any bind, while
connecting to an existing network of zyre nodes ?

I suppose this would require some kind of proxy node that would be bound
and used as a intermediate between the "limited" nodes and the regular
node, at least for socket setup.

Any ideas ?


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