[zeromq-dev] Socket Connect then immediate Disconnect

Jivraj Kainth jkainth at truetrademarkets.com
Thu Feb 2 17:53:01 CET 2017

Hi, I am connecting a PUB socket with a SUB socket via an IPC channel.

IPC address: ipc://StreamBroadcastAddress.259
PUB Socket: Bind operation on above address
SUB Socket: Connectoperation on above address

I am doing this in a single process (JUnit test) with ZMQ version 4.01.04

I have Socket monitoring for both these Sockets.  I do not get an ACCEPTED
event on the PUB Socket but I am seeing a CONNECTED event immediately
following by a DISCONNECTED event on the SUB socket.

I cannot understand why this is happening especially since the same process
is doing this exact same interaction on another IPC and that works just
fine - ie the expected behaviour is SUB socket remains CONNECTED and PUB
socket receives an ACCEPTED event.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is blocking me right now.


Jivraj Kainth
jkainth at truetrademarkets.com
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