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Wes Young wes at barely3am.com
Fri Oct 14 13:48:30 CEST 2016

i started banging away sort of at this:


these leverage what pyzmq did in terms of “build the C stuff from source and embed the .so locally, use the generated c-bindings on top of that” (made some patches to zproject to load a local .so properly).

there’s still a ways to go; but idea being you could get czmq / zyre bindings from a pip command (testing that is about where i’m at..)

also; adds “pyczmq|pyzyre” into the mix as a module so we can build more “pythonic” abstractions on top czmq|zyre while still providing the low level stuff “as is” (you can still 'import czmq; ..’)

i’m also assuming by “package management” you’re meaning RPM|PPA, etc.. but wanted to throw in pip as well.


> On Oct 14, 2016, at 2:10 AM, Kevin Sapper <kevinsapper88 at gmail.com> wrote:
> - As you seem to know python. For our C projects we have binding generators for python which work fine but the binding code is currently not deployed to a package management system.
> See zproject [1] for the binding generator and czmq [2] as a example for the generated bindings.
> - A consensus implementation might be useful for zyre [3]. Probably as another library on top of zyre.


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