[zeromq-dev] Belgium/France: anyone willing to assist with Pieter's domain name ownership details

Ewen McNeill zeromq at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Mon Oct 10 00:53:40 CEST 2016

This is an off chance enquiry, in case there is anyone located in 
Belgium or France of who might be able to help with "in country" 
investigation to sort out the details of the ownership of some of 
Pieter's domains.  Speaking good English and probably good French would 
help, but being nearby/in the same timezone would be very useful (I'm in 
New Zealand, which is pretty much the opposite timezone...).  In 
Brussels is probably ideal, but anywhere nearby who could, eg, call 
people on the phone to ask questions, would help.

If you are willing to help please contact me directly, off list.   More 
details below.

As I mentioned last week, some of Pieter's domains had the owner set to 
a Gandi handle which was not Pieter's main handle.  Most of those I was 
able to fix by doing a "password reset" on the other handle, logging in, 
and transferring the domain.  Unfortunately there are four older domains 
where the owner handle is (a) not Pieter's main handle, (b) doesn't have 
an email address on it, and (c) doesn't seem to have a password that 
Pieter told me.

Gandi's solution to fixing this (both from their FAQ and asking Gandi 
Support) is:


for which we'll need:

(a) A legal document showing that iMatix Corporation legally exists

(b) A legal document showing a person who is able to sign on behalf of 
iMatix Corporation in an official capacity

(c) A legal photo ID for this person in (a) or (b)

(d) and that form above completed by the person who can sign

Obviously this would have been easier when Pieter was around :-)  But I 
didn't realise until this past weekend the state of the domain name 
ownership issues.

Ideally I'd prefer to sort this out while iMatix Corporation sprl is 
still on the Belgian companies register:


as I expect it'll get much harder after that is removed from the 
business register.

My best thought to solve this is either to figure out who the company 
lawyer is, and ask them to help, or to try to track down someone who can 
sign instead of Pieter for the company.  I have some ideas for how to 
figure that out, but some of them involve contacting Pieter's family 
which I'd rather not do at present from the other side of the world.



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