[zeromq-dev] BUG: SUB socket + multi-part message + disconnect + recv = Assertion failed at src/fq.cpp:117

Laughing hnwyllmm at 126.com
Fri Oct 7 10:14:50 CEST 2016

> I think that the socket cannot recv message any more after disconnect.

not quite correct: the SUB socket could still be connected to several 
other PUB sockets.The abort is still present when you modify the test case accordingly.
>>> Is that mean that socket.disconnect does not disconnect from all endpoint connected before?

> The first frame is also an unexpected message.

it is not unexpected, as zmq_poll indicates that the SUB socket has data.

>>> It is a so bad news. I would like to use the disconnect routine to discard messages in 'REQ/REP' and 'PUSH/PULL' mode.As blow:socket s = socket.create(PULL)s.connect(addr1)s.recv(msg)s.disconnect
s.connect(addr2)s.recv(msg)           // there may have dirty messages according to your theory.

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