[zeromq-dev] BDFL literally

Ewen McNeill zeromq at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Thu Oct 6 23:39:45 CEST 2016

On 6/10/16 20:18, Trevor Bernard wrote:
> Don't worry about sponsorship. My company will pay to renew them for
> the next while (within reason). Just send me the details and I'll pay
> the the bill.

Replying to the list, since a couple of people have asked.

I think Doron would much appreciate someone paying for the ZeroMQ 
related domains (first list below) for a while.

For the others, it's probably only worth paying for them if (a) they 
point at something useful that is difficult to find another way (or 
linked to a lot) or (b) it'd be problematic if a domain squatter got 
hold of the name.  Pieter actively took most of these off auto-renew, 
expecting them to expire -- I talked with him about it earlier in the 
year, and he clearly intended to let many of them expire.  So it doesn't 
seem helpful to renew the ones that Pieter planned to let go without a 
good reason.

ZeroMQ-related Domains (now held by Doron; I'm sure he'd welcome someone 
paying their renewal fees -- around EUR 12-13/domain/year I think):


Book-related domains (not sure if all of these got set up/used, but 
clearly reserved for books Pieter was working on; dates are the current 
expiry date):

codeconnected.org (2016-12-14)
cultureandempire.com (2017-08-05)
psychopathcode.com (2017-09-28)
thepsychopathcode.com (2017-09-28)
scalablec.org (2017-01-08)
scalable-c.com (2017-01-31)
scalablec.com (2017-01-31)

(only cultureandempire.com is marked to auto-renew, and I'm not sure if 
that was intended or just overlooked when turning off auto-renew; the 
ones that point at something mostly seem to point at the relevant 
gitbook page.)


hintjens.com (2017-10-24)

(Transferred to a family member earlier this year, on the condition that 
hintjens.com itself stayed pointing at Pieter's blog and they kept 
paying to renew it; I'm sure they'd be pleasantly surprised if someone 
were to pay to renew it for a couple more years.)

Software projects (past/present/future):

changeflow.com (2017-03-07)
openamq.org (2017-08-21)
restms.org (2020-10-30)

(as noted in my earlier message someone just paid to renew restms.org 
for several years -- thanks; the other two are old iMatix projects, and 
AFAICT the changeflow.com one doesn't point at anything)

Activism related:

digistan.org (2017-09-24)
eupaco.org (2017-10-25)

(These two are on auto-renew from the remaining prepaid balance of 
Pieter's account, but might be good candidates for transfer if there was 
someone clearly community supported to take custody of them as an archive)

Other (unknown/not pointing at anything):

xpoc.org (2016-10-21)
formiq.io (2017-01-07)
swsi.info (2016-10-10)
smooth.af (2017-02-01; seems to be a Rick Roll, not sure why)
freeandopenwar.com (2017-02-14)
ipocracy.org (2016-11-16; redirect to hintjens.com)
smoothscript.com (2017-02-15)
brusselsvalley.com (2017-02-28)

I think all of those "other" ones might as well expire unless someone 
recognises an in-progress project they were supposed to go with.

Plus three "iMatix" domains which I or one of the ex-iMatix developers 
will pay for (as noted in my earlier message the main one, imatix.com, 
just got renewed for several years by kind donation).  And two "Xitami" 
(early iMatix webserver) related ones which might as well just expire in 
a couple of years -- Xitami hasn't been an active project in about 10 years.


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