[zeromq-dev] Using CurveZMQ to secure multiple sockets?

Mark Gillott mgillott at Brocade.com
Wed Oct 5 10:27:06 CEST 2016

Suppose we have a server and one or more client applications that
communicate using a number of 0MQ sockets; a ROUTER-DEALER, a PUB-SUB
and a REP-REQ.

Is it possible to use CurveZMQ to secure all of these connections? Using
the various zactor, zcert & zsock_set_curve functions I can secure the
ROUTER-DEALER connections. But what about the other two?

What I really want is to be able to do is secure the lower layer
transport such that *any* 0MQ socket between client & server is always
secure. From the curvezmq.org page:

        To secure a single hop between client and server, which is the
        CurveCP use case. For this use case we would embed CurveZMQ in
        the transport layer so that it can work for all patterns
        (publish-subscribe, pipeline, and so on).
Yet I can't find any example. The examples I've seen secure a single
socket. Have I misunderstood? Can I build a CurveZMQ-based "pipe" over
which other 0MQ sockets can operate?



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