[zeromq-dev] Goodbye my friend

Kevin Sapper kevinsapper88 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 21:57:43 CEST 2016

I had been searching for a messaging library in 2013 for a "peer to peer
file sync" student project. When I finally discovered the ZeroMQ guide I
was stunned and excited. My first encounter with Pieter was on this mailing
list, where he suggested to use zyre for the student project. After using
it for a couple of days I suggested a few improvements. That's when I got
challenged the first time to implement the improvements myself. I created a
pull request and he merged it within seconds and fixed some minor bugs
within minutes. Thereby he hooked me onto the C4 development process.

@Wes zproject actually was when Pieter challenged us for about a month to
create an own space for the code generation in czmq until I created the
first prototype :)

>From thereon he taught me so much that it changed my mind on software
development entirely.

In June I finally met him on his wake together with a couple of you guys,
which was a blast and I'm confident that through his lessons we will
continue to be a great community.

I'm sad that he's gone now - rest in peace

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