[zeromq-dev] Sporadic failures in unit tests

Adam Majer amajer at suse.de
Mon May 30 13:00:28 CEST 2016


There appears to be a sporadic but consistent failure in unit tests
with ZeroMQ 4.1.4 on SUSE's Open Build Service [1]

[   98s] FAIL: test_monitor
[   98s] ==================
[   98s] 
[   98s] test_monitor: tests/test_monitor.cpp:130: int main():
Assertion `event == ZMQ_EVENT_MONITOR_STOPPED' failed.

This appears to be a sporadic failure.

I'm also assuming that these tests are not to be run concurrently? That
is, with `make check -j`?

- Adam

[1] -

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