[zeromq-dev] Help with my router/dealer broker similar to majordomo

Douglas Petican dpetican at gmail.com
Sat May 28 01:46:38 CEST 2016

First off I'm really impressed with zeromq.  I've been working with it 
since yesterday and already I can amazing stuff.  Thx for making it.

I think I'm trying to do something similar to a majordomo pattern, but I 
started with the extended request/reply pattern (router/dealer).  The 
added thing for my app is I dynamically spawn the workers as new client 
connects to the broker.  The point is then to enforce the 1:1 
relationship between client and worker from then on.  This works, but 
the broker gets confused after the second client connects.  No messages 
are crossed, but it still tries to do fair queueing it seems.  The code 
and output is long and I've already created a stackexchange question for 
the problem: 

The reason for the 1:1 is that the workers manage serial ports. The 
comport the client wants to connect to will be in the message.  On the 
client side a list of available ports will be maintained.  I'm hoping 
its something simple and I won't have to go to a full majordomo patter.  
Thanks :)

<-Douglas Petican->

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