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Doron Somech somdoron at gmail.com
Fri May 27 09:54:11 CEST 2016

Great Ewen!

I can create S3 account for older releases, let me know if it still needed
or archive is enough.

On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 1:34 AM, Ewen McNeill <zeromq at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz>

> Replying to myself for the benefit of anyone else finding this later...
> On 26/05/16 15:24, Ewen McNeill wrote:
>> If you can (a) edit the GitHub releases for zeromq3-x or zeromq4-1 (ie,
>> have an "Edit" button next to the Releases on those pages), or (b) edit
>> the "get-the-software" page I'd love to hear from you.
> With a hint from GitHub support, it turns out that what (automatically)
> appears on the releases tab when you create a "release" tag (possibly any
> tag, possibly a tag with a specific format like the vN.N.N ones that
> zeromq3-x and zeromq4-1 have), is "not really a release" as far as the rest
> of GitHub's UI is concerned.  So you can't "Edit" those releases as
> documented.
> Instead you have to "Edit Tag" (on the page you reach by clicking on the
> tag name), or "Add release notes" (on the "Tags" tab of the Releases
> section), and that will take you to the page that _really_ creates a
> "GitHub Release".   From there you can attach files, add more descriptions,
> etc.  And when you save that form, _then_ you have a GitHub Release.  After
> that the documented "Edit" button magically appears.  (I've suggested to
> GitHub support that the UI and/or documentation could be improved :-) )
> Anyway:
> https://github.com/zeromq/zeromq3-x/releases/tag/v3.2.5
> https://github.com/zeromq/zeromq4-1/releases/tag/v4.1.4
> now have the download files that were placed on download.zeromq.org
> attached to them.  And older 3.x and 4.x downloads are available via links
> at:
> https://zeromq.github.io/zeromq3-x/
> https://zeromq.github.io/zeromq4-1/
> (served from archive.org)
> Once the links on:
> http://zeromq.org/intro:get-the-software
> are updated I think we're done.
> Much older release are perhaps best found by searching on archive.org.
> subject:"zeromq" subject:"message_queue"
> brings up a list of all of them at present.
> And if you want a specific one searching in the title for the version
> number, eg:
> subject:"zeromq" subject:"message_queue" title:"2.0.9"
> should get you the right archive.org item, with the files attached to it.
> Ewen
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