[zeromq-dev] download.zeromq.org: last call

Ewen McNeill zeromq at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Fri May 27 00:34:05 CEST 2016

Replying to myself for the benefit of anyone else finding this later...

On 26/05/16 15:24, Ewen McNeill wrote:
> If you can (a) edit the GitHub releases for zeromq3-x or zeromq4-1 (ie,
> have an "Edit" button next to the Releases on those pages), or (b) edit
> the "get-the-software" page I'd love to hear from you.

With a hint from GitHub support, it turns out that what (automatically) 
appears on the releases tab when you create a "release" tag (possibly 
any tag, possibly a tag with a specific format like the vN.N.N ones that 
zeromq3-x and zeromq4-1 have), is "not really a release" as far as the 
rest of GitHub's UI is concerned.  So you can't "Edit" those releases as 

Instead you have to "Edit Tag" (on the page you reach by clicking on the 
tag name), or "Add release notes" (on the "Tags" tab of the Releases 
section), and that will take you to the page that _really_ creates a 
"GitHub Release".   From there you can attach files, add more 
descriptions, etc.  And when you save that form, _then_ you have a 
GitHub Release.  After that the documented "Edit" button magically 
appears.  (I've suggested to GitHub support that the UI and/or 
documentation could be improved :-) )



now have the download files that were placed on download.zeromq.org 
attached to them.  And older 3.x and 4.x downloads are available via 
links at:


(served from archive.org)

Once the links on:


are updated I think we're done.

Much older release are perhaps best found by searching on archive.org.

subject:"zeromq" subject:"message_queue"

brings up a list of all of them at present.

And if you want a specific one searching in the title for the version 
number, eg:

subject:"zeromq" subject:"message_queue" title:"2.0.9"

should get you the right archive.org item, with the files attached to it.


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