[zeromq-dev] download.zeromq.org: last call

Ewen McNeill zeromq at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Thu May 26 05:24:55 CEST 2016

This is the "last call" for download.zeromq.org.  If you want anything off:


which you don't already have, please download it ASAP.  The VM hosting 
it (an iMatix VM) will be shut down in the next couple of weeks, 
possibly as early as 1 June 2016 (if the last few outstanding issues are 
sorted out).

The main outstanding issue I'm aware of is that:


points at download.zeromq.org, and so far I've (a) not been able to add 
the "pre-built" archives to the appropriate GitHub Releases pages, and 
(b) do not know who has access to edit that page.

If you can (a) edit the GitHub releases for zeromq3-x or zeromq4-1 (ie, 
have an "Edit" button next to the Releases on those pages), or (b) edit 
the "get-the-software" page I'd love to hear from you.



(Pieter adding me to the repositories didn't seem sufficient; I've filed 
a GitHub support request to ask about permissions needed, but if someone 
else has access and is willing to add the existing archives that'd save 
some time.)

I believe all tarballs/zip files from download.zeromq.org have been 
uploaded to archive.org (as of this morning):


(I'm trying to get an archive.org "collection" created, called "zeromq", 
to make them a bit easier to navigate, but the process seems very manual 
so this may take a while.)

To collect references to recent(ish) versions of those, that people 
might want, I've taken advantage of (a) having write access to zeromq3-x 
and zeromq4-1 and (b) the fact that the "gh-pages" branch wasn't used 
and created two simple index pages linking to the 3.x and 4.x versions:


which are backed by links to https://archive.org/download/...

(If anyone really hates this approach feel free to do something else. 
But this solved my problem of "how do people figure out which links to 
use to get at recent releases".)

There's nothing linking to the _older_ files directly, but if someone 
wants to create such a page I'm happy to send the CSV file used to 
upload the files to archive.org and the hacky Python script I used to 
build those two pages from that CSV file.


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