[zeromq-dev] message queuing with zeromq

SZÉPE Viktor viktor at szepe.net
Thu May 19 23:58:55 CEST 2016

Good evening!

I am very new to zeromq.

Could you suggest me a ready-made solution for this?
I administer a couple of servers with fail2ban. Fail2ban sends a lot  
of notification emails. These servers would be clients, also they  
could be offline, so they need to queue their messages locally.

I would have one worker - that may also be sometimes offline - this  
would forward the fail2ban notifications to a Slack channel.

I think I am able to implement the fail2ban and the Slack side but not  
zeromq, that is why I am looking for a ready-made solution.

Thank you very much!

SZÉPE Viktor
+36-20-4242498  sms at szepe.net  skype: szepe.viktor
Budapest, III. kerület

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