[zeromq-dev] Delay in receive by SUB from PUB

Navneet Kumar navneet.krg at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 12:39:55 CET 2016

Hello everone

I am building a pubsub, wherein the PUB and the SUB socket are on the same
I am able to send lots of messages through it. The latency of the system is
around 2-50 ms.

But out of blue some messages get stuck for 5-6 seconds before receiving.
I have put the logs and added timestamps to the message itself.
The publisher publishes and sets the time stamp, the subscriber timestamp
has a
difference of 5-10 seconds. This occurs for roughly 1 in 1000 messages.

I am using aws c4.xlarge machine. I tried ss and there were few blips in
the recv and send queue.
If i am sending lots of messages in bulk then it sometimes get stuck and
the resumes, with no
messages being lost. Sometimes a single message itself without any other
load gets stuck.

Has anyone faced such a scenario or give any pointers to look.

Navneet Kumar
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