[zeromq-dev] Reasonable Mechanism?

Greg Young gregoryyoung1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 11:19:01 CET 2016

I have been playing with czmq/zactor/zproject/etc the last few days
and have decided to do a small project to learn a bit more. Thus far I
am reasonably comfortable with zproject and how it works.

The project I have decided to write is a client library for EventStore
http://github.com/eventstore/eventstore. The protocol already exists
and there are many clients. The protocol is basically full duplex tcp
with basic framing of protobuf serialized messages. All operations are

One issue I am running into is I am not quite sure how to structure my
connection actor (having dealt in actor systems before guessed I would
have a connection actor). From looking I havn't found a reasonable way
of building up a tcp client inside of an actor where everything is
asynchronous eg if I use direct OS calls how do I handle both
servicing the TCP socket and servicing my message pump on the actor?
There are currently very limited numbers of examples up on zactor (and
most are doing very basic things). Any help with how to structure this
or similar examples that may exist would be helpful.

A second small issue. I have been unable to get zproject to use any
external libraries. When adding any library have tried both tarballs
and repositories I always end up with an error message of "undefined
expression use.test" from zproject_autotools.gsl:171. I don't have
enough experience yet with zproject to be able to resolve this.



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