[zeromq-dev] Moving a pipe_t across different xpub_ts.

Aaron Sokoloski asokoloski at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 15:22:30 CET 2016

Hi Claudio,

I may be wrong, but it sounds to me like PUB-SUB is not the right type of
socket pair for this problem.  The behaviour you're looking for sounds
complicated enough that you may be better off using something like
ROUTER-DEALER, and rolling your own publishing system to do exactly what
you want.  For example, you can have the clients send back acknowledgement
of recieved messages (maybe even just every N messages or something) in
order to detect that they are lagging, and then set a flag marking them as
a slow client, and pushing messages to them with lower priority, or
something like that.  I don't understand the whole thing you're trying to
do, so forgive me if that's not helpful :)

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