[zeromq-dev] Moving a pipe_t across different xpub_ts.

Claudio Scordino claudio at evidence.eu.com
Tue Mar 8 14:51:13 CET 2016


for a bunch of reasons, I need to implement the following behavior: in
a PUB-SUB channel, whenever the queue of a subscriber reaches the HWM,
the communication toward that specific subscriber is moved to another
(low-priority) PUB-SUB channel.

After a look at the code, it seems to me that the easiest way is to
detach the subscriber's pipe_t from the primary xpub_t and attach it
to the secondary xpub_t. Please, correct me if any easier way to
accomplish this behavior exists.

I've seen that xpub_t provides a method for attaching a pipe (i.e.,
xattach_pipe). However, it doesn't provide any method for detaching.
Can it be implemented without the risk of loosing messages that have
been already queued ?

Many thanks and best regards,


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