[zeromq-dev] Can I prevent zeromq from occupying file descriptors?

Alexander Poddey alexander.poddey at gmx.net
Tue Jul 19 17:56:32 CEST 2016

Essentially, the question is:
why does ZMQ consume file descriptors at all?

> Hi,
> I have a setup in C++ on linux where a master process is setting up a
> ZMQ_ROUTER and then forks many child processes, which then connect to that
> router (tcp protocol).
> Whenever a child zmq_connect's to the master, a file descriptor is
> occupied (and assigned to the master process). They get free'ed fine when
> the connection is close.
> This however limits the number of interacting processes to the number of
> allowed file descriptors (per process). For me (linux), this currently is
> 1024, which is way to small for my intended use (multi-agent / swarm
> simulation).
> Can I prevent this behaviour?
> In my mesaging architecture, each agent connects to 6 sockets, so with 100
> agents I end up with 600 occupied file descriptors :-(
> Alexander
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