[zeromq-dev] How to get client's identity

Bharat Somani bharatdsomani at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 14:31:42 CEST 2016

Hi All,

I have a process A which is creating ZMQ_PULL type of socket and bind on
some port.

Now I have process B, C, D (all on same system) which all creates ZMQ_PUSH
types of sockets in each process respectively and connects to the port on
same system on which process A is bind to.

In process A I am using API zmq_msg_recv() for receiving the messages. Now
I want to identify the process (A or B or C) from which that message is
is there any way to know which process has sent this message?

I tried to set the ZMQ_IDENTITY in client processes (B,C & D) but dont know
how to get the identity from received message on the server process A

Any pointer in this regard?

With warm regards,
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