[zeromq-dev] curvezmq ZAP zmq_msg_gets fields: is there a complete list & how to get the public key specifically

Jonas Thiem jonasthiem at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 29 14:23:36 CET 2016


I am trying to solve the following: using the standard CURVE mechanism
for authentication, how can I get either the full public key or the
fingerprint of the public key the client used to connect, from a
received message frame from that respective client?

zmq_msg_gets seems to retrieve all sorts of possibly useful fields set
by the authenticator mechanism ("User-Id", ..). However, this just seems
to be briefly mentioned at http://api.zeromq.org/4-2:zmq-msg-gets
without a comprehensive list, and the only guide on Curve ZMQ I could
find http://curvezmq.org/page:read-the-docs seems to be more of a
specification of the raw protocol, not the api of the zmq default

In addition, "User-Id" specifically just seems to contain "user" (as an
actual string) for my test, which doesn't really seem to be useful

Therefore, I wondered whether there is:

1. a complete list/documentation of all fields set by the curve ZAP
mechanism as provided in the standard implementation (like "User-Id" and

2. a specific field or some other helper function that allows me to
obtain the respective public key of a message frame

Sorry if I missed some obvious guide that contains all this info, please
feel free to link if there is one!

Jonas Thiem

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