[zeromq-dev] Heartbeating in zproto protocol design

Mario Steinhoff steinhoff.mario at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 20:39:06 CET 2016


so the zproto README contains a section about protocol design decisions
based on learned experience. It states that the most robust solution seems
to be one where the client initiates heartbeats and the server responds to
them. If either side finds that there is no response, it will kill the
connection respectivel
<http://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/respectively.html>y try to reconnect.

I wrote a server/client implementation where heartbeating is done the other
way around (the server will initiate heartbeats, clients will respond) and
looking at some quick superficial kill -9 based tests, that also seems to
work very well.

Are there any drawbacks to this approach that I might have missed or is
this just a matter of taste?

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