[zeromq-dev] looking for an real app that uses zyre

Jerry Scharf scharf at lagunawayconsulting.com
Wed Jan 20 18:13:45 CET 2016


I am new to zeromq. I am starting to work on a new building automation 
system for my home following an IoT model. zeromq seems like an ideal 
messaging system to build it around. I have some discovery issues I need 
to solve as well.

I am trying to understand how to put the zyre into action for my tasks. 
I don't consider myself a strong programmer, so I often like to look at 
code others have designed to see how they put the tools to work. There 
are a number of these available for zeromq, but I have not located any 
using zyre.

Can someone point me to a real app that is using zyre for discovery so I 
can understand it better?

thanks in advance,

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