[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ 4.1.4 stable is now available

Sergei Nikulov sergey.nikulov at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 12:15:11 CET 2016

2016-01-13 13:34 GMT+03:00 James Chapman <james at linux-101.org>:
> Hi Pieter
> I've just tried to build 4.1.4 on Windows using VS2015. The build
> fails with the following compilation error:
> tcp_address.cpp(440): error C3861: 'if_nametoindex': identifier not found
> I should also add that the VS projects on 4.1 branch do not build
> without a lot of tweaking. I've taken to ignoring the packaged
> solution files and just using my own.
> James

It seems that it was already been fixed on master 4.1 branch.
And it was bumped support from XP to Vista in upcoming 4.1.5 because
of this change 849e5b07d982e7c0917a13d9ff22d447817dd7fe (support for
IPv6 link local addresses).

Best Regards,
Sergei Nikulov

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