[zeromq-dev] random missed messages with epgm pub/sub

Bart van Wissen bart.wissen at speakap.nl
Tue Jan 12 14:27:20 CET 2016

We are looking for some thoughts and advise on our PUB-SUB setup and EPGM
messages which do arrive at their destination (tcpdump based) but are never
offered as events to our subscriber.

Our setup:
- We have 3 publishers with different source IPs (PHP processes which
restarts after sending 100 messages)
- Subscriber is a NodeJS process
- Publisher and Subscriber use libzmq v4.0.5
- Subscriber uses node.js zmq bindings (https://www.npmjs.com/package/zmq)
- Message rate ~ 50/s
- Publisher and subscriber are in the same broadcast domain

Our observations:
- For random topics, random messages are not received by the subscriber
- A message that is not received by the subscriber (never offered as an
event to the nodejs process) is seen by tcpdump so we don’t face packet

Subscriber tuning we did so far:
- Set ZMQ_RCVHWM to 0

Any thoughts on where we should look or what we should do?

Bart van Wissen
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