[zeromq-dev] Precompiled header doesn't work using CMake to generate MSVC project

Jerry Hou jerry at symless.com
Tue Dec 13 17:52:50 CET 2016

cd /zmq/src/dirmkdir buildcd buildcmake -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" ..
I can compile the code in vs2015, but when I check the project, it doesn't use
precompiled headers.Using QtCreator with MSVC2015 kit, it tries to build the
project with precompiled headers on, but failed to find the file.
libzmq\src\address.cpp(30): fatal error C1083: Cannot open precompiled header
file: 'precompiled.pch': No such file or directory

In the root CMake file at line 692, it supposes to enable the precompiled header
option for precompiled.hpp file, if I understand it correctly.Am I doing
something wrong?
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