[zeromq-dev] odd behaviour with zyre on odroids

Johan Philips johan.philips at kuleuven.be
Fri Dec 2 15:45:56 CET 2016

Hi guys

Does any of you tried out Zyre on Odroids/ARM running Ubuntu? We are 
noticing strange things on our current setup of 2 Odroids/ARM and 1 

The Odroids broadcast on their wlan0 interface and this is received by 
the laptop and connections are made, and vice versa the laptop's beacons 
are received by the Odroids. However, there is no connection established 
between the Odroids themselves...

At application level this translates to receiving 2 ENTERs at the laptop 
(from the 2 Odroids) but only receiving 1 ENTER at each Odroid (from the 

To narrow down the issue we are running the chat example from the zyre 
source and have checked out the same master branch on all 3 devices.

Another peculiar thing is that if we run netstat -lu on the laptop we 
see the broadcast udp with an empty Recv-Q, but on the Odroids this 
Recv-Q grows a 1000 bytes per second and keeps growing until it reaches 
16k which is probably the allocated space...

Help is very much appreciated!


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