[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ mailing list host migration complete (was beginning)

Ewen McNeill zeromq at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Tue Apr 26 00:55:27 CEST 2016

On 20/04/16 10:41, Ewen McNeill wrote:
> Just a heads up, mostly for the list archive, that we are starting the
> migration process of the ZeroMQ mailing lists from the old iMatix
> colocated machine to the MailmanLists (mailmanlists.net) sponsored
> hosted Mailman.

The mailing lists appear to be working properly on the new host -- 
thanks MailmanLists.  The only issues I've found are:
- a few messages around the time of the migration did not get archived 
(but it appears newer messages are being archived), and

- the URLs for most of the mailing list messages in the archive changed 
(an unfortunate side effect of re-importing them into Mailman). 
Currently Google's index of messages is out of date, so you may need to 
search with Google, then look through the archive by date to find the 
right link to a particular message.  Indexes like Google should catch up 
eventually, but it might take a few months for the reindexing robots to 
come back past for a complete crawl.

Since it all seems to be working, this morning I have shut down the VM 
at the old iMatix colo machine which was previously hosting 
lists.zeromq.org.  All going well, everything just keeps working.  But 
if you notice any issues please let me or Pieter know directly.


PS: If anyone is interested in old iMatix history (from the 1990s), I've 
started putting some of the early source code (from 
http://legacy.imatix.com/) up on GitHub:


Most of it is just of historic interest at this point.  But having spent 
time last year digging through old floppy backups looking for old iMatix 
code (so someone could fight a stupid software patent...), I'm keen it 
doesn't just vanish.

There's some more to come (SFL, SMT, Xitami, etc), but many of the 
oldest Open Source projects are there now.

PPS: Since my "mailing list move basically complete" test message was 
ironically one that didn't get archived... I'm including the text again 
below FTR.

-=- cut here -=-
This migration is now basically complete -- the lists have been 
recreated on the mailmanlists.net host, with the same subscriber list, 
email addresses, website addresses, and mailing list archives.  The DNS 
was updated about an hour ago (2016-04-20 06:55 UTC) and due to the low 
TTL time should be visible world wide within an hour or two.

In theory everything should carry on as before, just with a new machine 
hosting the lists.

As far as I can tell only one message (Ale Strooisma, 07:07 UTC) came in 
between the archive backup being taken for migration, and the switch to 
the new host.  So everything else should be in the migrated archives, 
but may possibly have a new URL (if in doubt refer to the month by month 

If anyone notices any surprises with the new mailing list host please 
email me directly and I'll have a look into it and/or refer it to 
mailmanlists.net to investigate.

Thanks again to mailmanlists.net for offering to sponsor hosting the 
list, and their prompt assistance with migrating it.

-=- cut here -=-

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