[zeromq-dev] CZMQ code generation

Kevin Sapper kevinsapper88 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 16:29:15 CEST 2016

With a minus in the gsl command you can set or override an attribute of
project e.g. `project.topdir` or `project.target`.

The snippet from Makemodule.am will re-generate all zproto models. As
zproto does generate headers for its models which might conflict with an
zproject api, zproject will be called with target "-" which means no
target. Hence only the C api will be re-generated overriding unwanted
zproto headers.

No, `gsl project.xml` is the correct command. You'll use `make code` to
refresh zproto models.

No, changes are applied gradually downstream there is no pressure to do it
right away. If there was a critical bug a mail to the mailing might be
appropriate though.

2016-04-25 14:47 GMT+02:00 Osiris Pedroso <opedroso at gmail.com>:

> Up till now, I thought that the following command was what regenerated the
> code for CZMQ project (or any other project using GSL code generation for
> that matter):
> ```
> root at OPLIN:~/git/czmq# gsl project.xml
> ```
> But I came across the contents of CZMQ's Makemodule.am, which has this
> rule in it (similar rule exist in ZYRE and MALAMUTE):
> ```
> # Produce generated code from models in the src directory
> code:
> cd $(srcdir)/src; gsl -topdir:.. -zproject:1 -q sockopts.xml
> cd $(srcdir)/src; gsl -topdir:.. -zproject:1 -q zgossip.xml
> cd $(srcdir)/src; gsl -topdir:.. -zproject:1 -q zgossip_msg.xml
> cd $(srcdir); gsl -target:- project.xml
> ```
> **Question #1**: What does the GSL command line options "-zproject:1" and
> "-target:-" mean?
> I looked in GSL's README.md and the information is not there. The word
> "zproject" is nowhere in the gsl sources...
> ```
> Options currently recognised by GSL are:
> * -a   argument: Pass arguments following filename to GSL script
> * -q   quiet:    suppress routine messages
> * -p   parallel: process files in parallel
> * -s:n size:n    set script cache size - default is 1000000
> * -h   help:     show command-line summary
> * -v   version:  show full version information
> ```
> **Question#2**: So, if one wants to apply GSL & ZPROJECT latest changes,
> is the correct approach to "make code" to get all modules regenerated for
> each of these projects then?
> **Question #3**: If a contributor makes a change to a **.gsl** file, is he
> expected to also regen all downstream projects affected by those changes
> and PR them as well? What is the correct etiquette here?
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