[zeromq-dev] ZMQ developer needed

Robb Gosset zmq at rg-gosset.co.uk
Mon Apr 25 10:36:34 CEST 2016

Hi All,

My thanks to those that responded, we have managed to fill this position now.


// Robb Gosset

>* Hi,
*>>* Pieter Hintjens reccommended contacting this mailing list for potential
*>* developers who may be able to work on the project. If anyone that's
*>* avaliable to do work like this could reply with avaliability and contact
*>* details I'd really appreciate it.
*>>* Our company is currently in need of some developers to update the software
*>* of one of our products from ZMQ version 1.0.1 to ZMQ version 3.2.5. The
*>* project is on quite a tight deadline due to one of our other contractors
*>* dropping out of the project.
*>* The product is a system for embedded Linux written in C++ that uses ZMQ to
*>* send messages to and from a central master and a set of devices connected
*>* to a LAN. We have had issues with TCP transmit queues overflowing and
*>* causing our applications to crash due to the limited resources on the
*>* hardware platform we are using and by updating to a newer version of ZMQ we
*>* hope to utilise a more efficient network protocol such as PGM to improve
*>* the efficiency of communications.
*>>* Many thanks,
*>>* // Robb Gosset
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