[zeromq-dev] Server (router) stops receiving messages after awhile

Luka Napotnik luka.napotnik at visionect.com
Thu Apr 14 10:06:56 CEST 2016


my client sends requests (as a DEALER socket) and the server (a ROUTER
socket) handles the request and sends the reply back (taking the route
path into account) . Now, at start, everything works but after awhile,
messages, sent from the client, don't get recv()-ed by the server
anymore. What am I missing? The strangest thing is that the
communication works for awhile. I've installed a monitor on both ends
and there are no events just before things starting to fail.

Please help.

Luka Napotnik, Platform Developer, Ukmarjeva ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana,
Slovenia, Europe, www.visionect.com

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