[zeromq-dev] question about working with 0mq using perl on EL6 ?

Bond Masuda bond.masuda at hexadiam.com
Tue Apr 5 00:14:01 CEST 2016


I'm developing something that is targeted at the EL6 (RHEL6/CentOS6)
platform and I want to use 0mq with Perl. The EL6 platform has packages
for perl-ZMQ-LibZMQ3, which I think is a near 1-to-1 Perl wrapper of the
low level C API. However, when looking at the Perl examples in the 0mq
guide, I notice the use of the ZMQ:FFI perl module. When I started
looking into getting this module on the EL6 dev system, things started
getting complicated.

Using cpan to just put the Perl modules in the file system is not an
option for the customer, they require package management (in the form of
RPMs), which I am well versed in so that's not a big problem. But the
dependency tree of Perl packages is started to look more complicated
than I had hoped, and so I wanted to reach out here to see if anyone
else have developed on EL6 with Perl to use 0mq and what did you do?

This is the dependency tree I've uncovered so far:

perl-ZMQ-FFI -> FFI-Platypus -> Alient-FFI -> Alien-Base -> HTTP-Tiny,
Text-ParseWords, Shell-Guess, Shell-Config-Generate, FFI-Checklib, JSON-PP

I haven't looked into further into the leafs in the dependency tree, so
I don't know how much further it goes.

Is there an easier way to get an environment on EL6 ready for 0mq and
Perl? Or should I just use the low level perl-ZMQ-LibZMQ3 wrapper library?


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