[zeromq-dev] Is the zmq_strerror method threadsafe?

Michael Devereaux Michael.Devereaux at quantum.com
Mon Sep 28 18:43:33 CEST 2015

Do you consider the method zmq_strerror to be threadsafe under ZMQ 3 and ZMQ 4?

Details for my question:
The zmq documentation does not state that zmq_strerror is threadsafe.
The Zmq codebase for both Zmq 3 and Zmq 4 calls strerror, not strerror_r.
The Linux man page for strerror indicates that it is not guaranteed to be threadsafe, whereas strerror_r is guaranteed threadsafe.  But often, the actual code implementation for strerror *is* threadsafe.

Note: Our current sw configuration requires one of RedHat Linux 5,6,7 and SuSe Linux 11, and ZeroMQ

Michael Devereaux

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