[zeromq-dev] message loss at high send rate in Jyre

Trevor Bernard trevor.bernard at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 19:58:20 CEST 2015

> I was able to manually configure the pom to use jzmq and run the jyre tests.
> Let me know if you have some fancy way of switching between the two
> implementations.

You can exclude dependencies in maven or gradle then import the
project you want.

> Also, how are you specifying the java.library.path?  Is it something in an
> env var or your settings.xml that I can't see?  I did it by adding a -D
> option to the pom, with a different profile for each os as in this commit:
> https://github.com/awynne/jyre/commit/77a390e6225a8954079b61b5108a8d89adc6a12b.
> But maybe you have a better way...

Off the top of my head, you can update your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include
where you have your libjzmq shared library; pass in the
-Djava.library.path to your java process. Ideally, the shared lib
would be included in a jar.

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