[zeromq-dev] NORM on windows

Henrik Vatnar henrik at vatnar.no
Wed Sep 2 07:30:51 CEST 2015

I tried, and failed, to build zmq with the NORM enabled on a windows with
visual studio 2010 (64 bit). Has anyone been able to use/test the NORM
transport on windows?

I think the problem might be related to the NormGetDescriptor.. call in the
plug function(norm_engine.cpp). The result from this call is put into a
fd_t variable. I guess this might work on Linux, but I'm not so sure that
the return type from this function is the same as the fd_t type on windows.
>From what I could see in the code, the fd_t type should correspond to a
SOCKET on windows, but I think the NormGetDescriptor might return an event

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