[zeromq-dev] Crash in zmq_poll

renju renjumc at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 03:08:05 CET 2015

Hey all,

I’m using ZeroMQ4.0.4 in windows. Our application uses ZeroMQ as
communication framework.

I came across a strange issue last day with *zeromq_proxy*. Application
crashed while it was shutting down.

Following is the call stack of the dump file.

>             libzmq-v120-mt-gd-4_0_4.dll!zmq::zmq_abort(const char *
errmsg_) Line 71      C++

timeout_) Line 209           C++

libzmq-v120-mt-gd-4_0_4.dll!zmq::mailbox_t::recv(zmq::command_t * cmd_, int
timeout_) Line 72       C++

timeout_, bool throttle_) Line 899   C++

libzmq-v120-mt-gd-4_0_4.dll!zmq::socket_base_t::getsockopt(int option_,
void * optval_, unsigned int * optvallen_) Line 294       C++

               libzmq-v120-mt-gd-4_0_4.dll!zmq_getsockopt(void * s_, int
option_, void * optval_, unsigned int * optvallen_) Line 287

               libzmq-v120-mt-gd-4_0_4.dll!zmq_poll(zmq_pollitem_t *
items_, int nitems_, long timeout_) Line 944 C++

               libzmq-v120-mt-gd-4_0_4.dll!zmq::proxy(zmq::socket_base_t *
frontend_, zmq::socket_base_t * backend_, zmq::socket_base_t * capture_)
Line 78               C++

               libzmq-v120-mt-gd-4_0_4.dll!zmq_proxy(void * frontend_, void
* backend_, void * control_) Line 1030               C++

                It is exiting from below line in

                zmq::signaler_t::wait(int timeout_)




                                int rc = select (0, &fds, NULL,
NULL,timeout_ >= 0 ? &timeout : NULL);

                                wsa_assert (rc != SOCKET_ERROR);


The reproducibility is very less..

On Application shutdown following 3 thing are happening in parallel

                Polling in proxy.

                Proxy will receive a message.

                Closing the sockets.

Following is the proxy wrapper class we used. Can you see anything wrong in
our implementation? Have anyone came across this?


    int frontEndSktType, IPcvZmqConnection& frontEndConn,

    int backEndSktType, IPcvZmqConnection& backEndConn) :

    m_frontEndSkt(m_ctx, frontEndSktType, frontEndConn),

    m_backEndSkt(m_ctx, backEndSktType, backEndConn)


    m_proxyThread = std::thread(&PcvZmqProxy::proxyWorkerThreadFunc, this);


void PcvZmqProxy::proxyWorkerThreadFunc()


    LogI(_T("Starting proxy"));




    LogI(_T("Proxy exited gracefully"));




    //disconnect/Unbind the sockets



    if (m_proxyThread.joinable())





With best regards,
Renju Mathew
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