[zeromq-dev] ZMTP 3.1 and NORM transport

Alexander Rössler mail at roessler.systems
Tue Nov 24 21:00:03 CET 2015


I am working a middleware project and found that ZeroMQ is missing some 
to be perfect fit for the application. Namely heart-beating to discover 
lost connections
and outdated data and some sort of unreliable transport for things like 
video streaming
or RT communication.

Some deeper research on this topic brought me to resources about two new 
features in ZeroMQ:
First ZMTP 3.1 seems to support heartbeating on the transport layer. 
This would be great for my
middleware project since I could neglect implementing it on the 
middleware level:

Furthermore, I discovered the NORM transport which seems to be a 
suitable transport for things like
video streaming since it supports an "unreliable" mode without per 
packet feedback.

So my question: In which version of ZeroMQ will these features be 
available? Furthermore, if not
available yet which time-frame are we talking about until these features 
will make into the stable


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