[zeromq-dev] ZMQ, multicast and MTU

Steven McCoy steven.mccoy at miru.hk
Fri Nov 20 23:32:28 CET 2015

On 20 November 2015 at 16:27, Jim Hague <jim.hague at acm.org> wrote:

> I guess I'd need to set the PGM socket option PGM_MTU to achieve this, but
> that's not exposed in ZMQ. Indeed, it seems to be set in ZMQ, but it's
> nailed
> to 1500 (pgm_max_tpdu).
> I'm thinking of creating a patch to add a ZMQ socket option to set PGM
> but before I do, am I missing something obvious? How do people normally
> handle
> this scenario?

PGM options have been exposed on demand, thus quite a few are missing in

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