[zeromq-dev] Is there any retransmission mechanism in ZMQ?

Noh, Jangho jangho.noh at wustl.edu
Fri Nov 20 07:33:14 CET 2015


I'm testing packet loss scenario using ZMQ and PGM.

I set the packing loss rate at 10%. This means, 10% of outgoing packets at the publisher are dropped

I expected subscribers send NAK and publishers send NCF and RDATA. However, I could not find those packets using wireshark.

But, Publisher sent more than expected number of packets. For example, publisher sent 100 packets and packet drop rate was 0.5

 In that case 80 packets were dropped and the subscriber received 80 packets. Total 160 packets were sent from publisher.


Is there any retransmission mechanism in ZMQ at send function?


Could you give me any advices on generating NAK and RDATA packets using PGM?


Jangho Noh

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