[zeromq-dev] Deadlock with ctx_term

Michel Pelletier pelletier.michel at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 18:48:53 CET 2015

On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 3:12 AM, Alexander Kampmann <
s9alkamp at stud.uni-saarland.de> wrote:

> hey,
I am using ZeroMQ in Java with PUSH and PULL sockets.
> Basically everything is working as excepted, however, sometimes the call
> to close() on the context deadlocks (jzmq makes that a term() call on
> the context). The deadlock occurs with jzmq and jeromq, and it would be
> rather strange if two implementations have the same bug, so I suspect
> that this might be an error on my part.

By deadlock, do you mean hang?  Deadlock is usually specifically used to
indicate two threads waiting for each other to release the same resource.

If it's hanging, have you investigated the ZMQ_LINGER option?  A true
deadlock would likely be a more serious bug.  Can you share your test case?


> Do you have any advice on how to debug this? Or maybe some
> frequently-made-error which can cause this?
> The deadlock does not happen always, but too often (= I have a test case
> which deadlocks approximately every fifth execution). As I said, the
> deadlock happens for both, jzmq and jeromq. When I attach my debugger to
> jeromq, I can see that the reaper-thread terminated, but the sockets
> list in the context still contains a PUSH socket. destroy() has not been
> called on the socket.
> I think that close() is called, because I am using a try-with-resource
> when I create the socket. If it indeed has not been called, this is a
> bug in the java-8-compiler. I tried to confirm that close has been
> called, but if I set a breakpoint or add a printout in the close()
> method, the deadlock would not occur. It did reappear after I removed
> the breakpoint/printout.
> Best regards,
> Alex
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