[zeromq-dev] Qt zeromq Android versus JZMQ

Arthur Low - Crack Semiconductor art at cracksemi.com
Wed May 27 21:54:07 CEST 2015

Hi - I am new to the group

I am trying to get CURVE authentication in a Java Android App and to that end 
I am working to extend JZMQ version 3.1.0 for CURVE support. 

However, in digging into the libzmq source, I see there is a qt-android.sh 
script in the builds directory. Hmmmm?

I have QT5 and PyQT5 installed, as well as QT4.

Is the qt-android build environment stable and supports CURVE? It appears to, 
as it requires libSodium.

I would appreciate any tool setup advice and a pointer to any know examples 
to help me get up to speed.

I've looked into python-for-android and pyqtdeploy, but the obstacles I have 
encountered have moved me to either JZMQ or perhaps Qt-Android?

Thanks very much,

Arthur Low

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