[zeromq-dev] Can zmq_socket be create in thread 1 and used by thread 2?

张凯 zhangkai.gis at 163.com
Wed May 6 06:59:50 CEST 2015

The code looks like that

if(create_socket(&socket_control_rep, config->endpoint_control_rep, config->uuid_control_rep,
config->action_control_rep, config->type_control_rep, socket_ctx) != 0) rc = -1;
if(create_socket(&socket_terminal_manage_down, config->endpoint_terminal_manage_down, config->uuid_terminal_manage_down,
config->action_terminal_manage_down, config->type_terminal_manage_down, socket_ctx) != 0) rc = -1;
if(create_socket(&socket_control_down, config->endpoint_control_down, config->uuid_control_down,
config->action_control_down, config->type_control_down, socket_ctx) != 0) rc = -1;
pthread_create(&thread_down, NULL, ServerDown, this);

In the thread thread_downI use the socket_control_rep socket_terminal_manage_down,socket_control_down, To receive message.

在 2015-05-06 10:51:39,"Ren, Wei (Nokia - CN/Hangzhou)" <wei.ren at nokia.com> 写道:



Could you please share your code?


It should be fine if only one thread touch the socket.






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     I knew that zmq_socket can not used in multi-thread.But Can I just create the socket in thread 1.Then use it in thread 2?Now I meet a problem.At first The sub can receive message.But when runs a few minutes.It can not receive message.I doubt It is because I create it in thread1 but use it in thread2.




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