[zeromq-dev] something wrong in czmq documents.

yqwuwu at yahoo.com yqwuwu at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 26 04:10:37 CET 2015

Hi:    I'm using zeromq-4.0.5 and czmq 3.0.0 on ubuntu.    I found some error on czmq's document.    in zsock manual page,i saw
    // Smart constructors, which create sockets with additional set-up. In all of
    // these, the endpoint is NULL, or starts with '@' (connect) or '>' (bind).
    // Multiple endpoints are allowed, separated by commas. If endpoint does not
    // start with '@' or '>', default action depends on socket type.
    In source file,'@' means bind and '>' means connect.    Am I right?    thank you very much
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