[zeromq-dev] Running a service (with zeromq) on RedHat 7

Alan Ward alan.ward at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 24 10:25:03 CET 2015



I have a multi-process service that uses zeromq (and PostgreSQL).


I have successfully ported it to RedHat 7 (from Ubuntu).


I am now trying to get the service to start automatically when the server starts.

I have written a  unit file (xxxx.service) and  installed it in /usr/lib/systemd/system.


If I start it manually using systemctl start xxxx, it works fine.


But if I restart the server the service crashes in one process with: 

src/zframe.c:174: zframe_data: Assertion `self' failed.


And the another three processes with:

src/zmsg.c:225: zmsg_pop: Assertion `self' failed.


I guess I have a dependency missing in the Unit section of the .service file


I currently have:






Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?





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