[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ, NORM, Multicast, and Cell Phones

Adam Najman najman at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 17:35:44 CET 2015

 I'm looking to use ZeroMQ and NORM to send audio to a number of phones ranging
from ten to thousands. I'd like to take advantage of
multicast.  Has anyone attempted anything like this before? If so,
what parameters would you suggest I use? Any particular WIFI routers I
should look into or settings I should be experimenting with?  I assume
I should be looking to minimize NACK and enable forward error
correction with a fairly high degree of redundancy so that phones far
from the router will still be able to reconstruct the missing packets
without getting into a flurry of NACKs? Does that make sense? How do
I do that using the ZeroMQ + NORM combination?

Have you (or anyone you know) used NORM for large scale wifi use?
Words of wisdom based on experience or theory or both?

Makes and models of routers, settings of routers, issues with phones?

Do you think I should use a file-oriented protocol or a
stream-oriented one? Is one debugged more than the other or are they
equally stable?

Is the file oriented protocol better debugged than the stream-oriented one?

Thanks for your prompt reply in helping me install and configure NORM
with ZeroMQ. I'm hoping we can use these technologies to build
something amazing. We will let you know if we actually end up
deploying with NORM!

Adam Najman
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