[zeromq-dev] New Member and PHP Installation

Jovan Kostovski chombium at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 10:07:23 CEST 2015

Hi Michael,

On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 6:25 AM, Michael Carpenter
<Michael at eqsconnect.com> wrote:
> Can anybody give me definitive directions on getting ZMQ installed in
> PHP?

Take a look at http://zeromq.org/bindings:php and follow the steps.
I usually build ZeroMQ from github, I follow the "Building from
Github" part of the document.
With the instructions on the page you build zmq as a php extension and
then depending on your php installation
you need to to enable the extension in your php.ini or /etc/php/conf.d.

> I am afraid the various step-by-steps I have found don't cut it. I
> have even paid to have experienced installers do the install and they
> have found it unworkable.
> The builds worked, I believe... but where is the Zero directory? I think
> the versions have changed they file locations to the point where they
> cannot be found based on old instructions.

Can you please be more specific about your installation problems?
What does your stack look like? Which OS do you use? Which PHP version?
How did you try to install the library and what problems did you have?

Best Regards,

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