[zeromq-dev] New member and 2 questions

Nhat Nguyen nhat.nguyen at softfoundry.com
Fri Jun 12 06:48:05 CEST 2015

Hi team,
I subscribed to list for further asking and discussing about zmq, I am developing a mobile app which using this to communicate between 2 clients.
First question, which link I can follow to see all questions from this mailing list? I just want to search some useful information before asking.
Second is my main question. In my app, I start a thread to poll from 2 sockets (1 dealer and 1 subscriber), this thread will eat up much cpu from my app :(, this is not good for mobile app and i want to customize it.
Raw Java socket implementation, I also can start a thread to loop and read data, but this type of socket uses blocking way until socket receives new data from remote side. On my ZeroMQ socket, the thread run much (no blocking here), this is my problem.
How can I optimize it (still can read data from socket but thread is in sleep mode if no data arrive)?
Many thanks.
Best regards,
Nhat Nguyen

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