[zeromq-dev] Problem with not receiving message on one side of the pipeline.

Igor Lopez igor.lopez at bredband.net
Tue Jun 9 19:19:06 CEST 2015

2015-06-01 19:49 GMT+02:00 Igor Lopez <igor.lopez at bredband.net>:

> Hi this is my first post to the list so bear with me if I am not following
> the standard way of posting.
> I have written a small application in Python (v 3.4) using the latest
> zeromq found in Ubuntu 14.04 (sudo python3.4 pip install pyzmq). With
> latest I mean that I configured my PC with zeromq and the python bindings
> approximately 3 weeks ago.
> The app consist of one server and one GUI where the server will constantly
> handle an external piece of hardware while simultaneously respond to
> requests from the GUI.
> The requests sent from the GUI gets through to the server but the response
> from the server is not picked up by the GUI.
> Since I visit Stackoverflow a lot I posted there first but then decided to
> test this list.
> If you want to have a look, see the following link:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30546054/python-gui-not-capturing-zeromq-message
> /Igor
If anybody is interested, the solution is to use REQ/REP sockets instead of

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