[zeromq-dev] pgm over ipv6

Sergey Zinov s.zinov at emw.hs-anhalt.de
Wed Jun 3 01:04:58 CEST 2015

Hi all,

it seems that pgm/epgm transport over ipv6 does not work as supposed. 
When a loss(even single) occurs, subscriber pauses for several seconds, 
then resumes skipping the lost packets. Occasionally data is 
corrupted(truncated) after losses are occurred. Subscriber sometimes 
hangs: it unable to receive anything till I restart it. As soon as I 
switch to ipv4 all mentioned effects are gone and zeromq successfully 
recovers losses in same conditions.

Problem exists even in case with 1 sender and 1 receiver. I've tried to 
play with socket options(rate, recovery_ivl, *hwm, *buf), but nothing 

I use libzmq 4.0.4 with libpgm 5.1.118 and pyzmq 14.0.1(all from debian 

Can anybody suggest how I can debug/fix the problem?


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