[zeromq-dev] Problem with not receiving message on one side of the pipeline.

Igor Lopez igor.lopez at bredband.net
Mon Jun 1 19:49:42 CEST 2015

Hi this is my first post to the list so bear with me if I am not following
the standard way of posting.

I have written a small application in Python (v 3.4) using the latest
zeromq found in Ubuntu 14.04 (sudo python3.4 pip install pyzmq). With
latest I mean that I configured my PC with zeromq and the python bindings
approximately 3 weeks ago.
The app consist of one server and one GUI where the server will constantly
handle an external piece of hardware while simultaneously respond to
requests from the GUI.
The requests sent from the GUI gets through to the server but the response
from the server is not picked up by the GUI.

Since I visit Stackoverflow a lot I posted there first but then decided to
test this list.

If you want to have a look, see the following link:


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